I’m working on a possible project based around “Alice in Wonderland” and have been revisiting my entries  for the International Alice in Wonderland Origami competition, run by the BOS in 1992.

I’m still faintly embarrassed to recall that I won three of the five categories and no sooner had I sat down for the first, than I was called out again. I ended up with three hardback editions of the “Collected works of Lewis Carroll” (and promptly gave two away).

Robin Macey (origami photographer extraordinaire) still has photos of the event filed away somewhere, so mebbe he’ll share some as a festive gift!

Anyway, my winning entries were Cheshire Cat (here are diagrams for simple and complex), plus Tweedledum and Dee.  There’s also an image of the complex cat (aren’t they all?) on Gilad’s amazing gallery pages. My “Caterpillar” was beaten by Momotani, if I recall.

I’m officially certified

They haven’t worn too badly and it’s fascinating to compare my style with that of 15 years ago. It’s perhaps helpful to remember that they were created “to order” and that normally I don’t create that way, preferring to simply “discover” models lying in wait within the paper.

I’ve decided that the lower jaw of the simple cat just doesn’t work and so have folded it underneath. I’ve also tried adding creased teeth, which I think works.

More to come, hopefully!

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