There’ll be crease in the valley…

A rather attractive looking envelope came through the letter box this morning, containing my complementary copies of Creased #2, plus payment (yes, money) for the use of my design. This latter is a first for me, but hopefully not the last, dosh being always welcome in our house. It’s actually been a long time since I had an exciting parcel like this. Back in the 80’s they would arrive several times per week, but email seems to have done for them, by and large.

So, another opportunity to examine their efforts. It’s certainly an elegantly designed magazine, with lots of interest to fold and colour throughout. Perhaps my only beefs are that the edges/creases of each step are a little thin and lack definition. The colour fill used for each step uses the “gradient” feature, which adds to the slight feeling of “wishy-washiness”. Or it may just be that my eyesight is worse than I thought.

creased montage

However, this is a minor carp. Aside from my classic elephant (cough) there are several thought-provoking models, including a crease pattern for an excellent Wolf by Fabien Correia, a name I’ve been keeping an eye on. Nathan Ascher offers a box using a technique to determine the size of the enclusore, so that it fits your origami paper perfectly! Bruno Ferraz offers a clever box that transmogrifies into a wallet. I’m less enamoured of Paula Versnick’s chess set and board.