Hey Paula

Just before Christmas, I had a contact from Paula Quiñónez who was in London and looking for a nice folding experience. The best I could do was to hastily arrange one on the 22nd December and invite her to travel up. Due to the flakey and slow bus service (5.5 hours London to Sheffield!) it made sense for her to stop overnight, so we had chance to chill and talk origami.

Wayne Brown was the only one free so close to Xmas, so he popped over and we folded a variety of festive designs (all grist to the mill for my “Christmas Origami” book project). Paula proved to be delightful and engaging company. She is a professional folder from Sao Paulo, so we sympathised with each other about the variety of pitfalls facing a professional folder.

On Sunday we took the scenic route to the bus station and I showed her some what little remains of Sheffield’s architectural heritage, before she boarded the snail coach back darn sarf. Another friend to add to the long list of those I have made through origami!