For some time I’ve been trying to write an origami book to publish myself. Having complete freedom of expression and choice is often fatal for me, I can’t decide the format of the page, never mind the contents. I began the project last year, then managed to lose most of the contents in a nightmare “hard-drive-crash-what-no-backup?” scenario.

So, new year beckoning, I’ve started again and actually settled (or have I?) on the subject, namely “origami for teachers”. I understand this will mean simple contents, thereby excluding 99% of the Nic Terry market.

However, it’s where my heart lies and I’ve wanted just such a book for my numerous school work over the past year or two. I’m sure there are enough teachers within the origami fraternity to ensure a few sales. What I’m looking at is taking advance orders and when there’s enough of them, have it printed.

So, off we go, diagramming merrily. And, as always seems to be the case, I’ve no sooner started diagramming when new ideas emerge. In this case, I’m plying with the traditional Japanese house, and found a “caterpillar unit”. Without doubt, someone out there will have discovered this, but good ideas are good ideas, and it’s new to me. I’m sure you can figure it out even without a crease pattern 😉

Trying to come up with a simple head for the creature, I simply rotated a leg section and it fitted! I then removed all but two leg units and a bunny materialised! Flip this upside down and a “bunny in the wind” appeared! I do love origami 😉

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  1. YEAH ! Most of the origami I do is related to the teaching I then do. Count me in as a purchaser, as your other books have been great. It is simple things like what A Cat, a bunny, have about them, that are great for kids to explore, once given the very basics. Surprisingly, the house, and then the piano in the house is a hit, and the frog we began with can then play the piano. Some even draw on the keys!

    Keep playing!

  2. Hi, Nick 🙂
    I am a (recently) retired teacher (10-13 year students) and have had a lot of thoughts about the same – writing an origami book for teachers.
    Unfortunately I am not very much of a writer, and I am an origami enthousiat, not an origamist…. 🙁
    Having purchased and red several of your origami books, I can “guess” another success coming: you’re a natural born teacher (I can see that in the way you write, and the care you have on what you write!)
    I wish you an enormous succes and will buy this one for sure!!!

    (sorry about my not-quite-so-good english: it’s not my first language…)

  3. Aloha, Nick:
    I look forward to buying your origami book geared especially for origami teachers. I participate in a few origami teaching tables in my community and look forward to recommend your new book to cultivate new teachers!

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