A Cat, a Bunny — 7 Comments

  1. YEAH ! Most of the origami I do is related to the teaching I then do. Count me in as a purchaser, as your other books have been great. It is simple things like what A Cat, a bunny, have about them, that are great for kids to explore, once given the very basics. Surprisingly, the house, and then the piano in the house is a hit, and the frog we began with can then play the piano. Some even draw on the keys!

    Keep playing!

  2. Hi, Nick 🙂
    I am a (recently) retired teacher (10-13 year students) and have had a lot of thoughts about the same – writing an origami book for teachers.
    Unfortunately I am not very much of a writer, and I am an origami enthousiat, not an origamist…. 🙁
    Having purchased and red several of your origami books, I can “guess” another success coming: you’re a natural born teacher (I can see that in the way you write, and the care you have on what you write!)
    I wish you an enormous succes and will buy this one for sure!!!

    (sorry about my not-quite-so-good english: it’s not my first language…)

  3. Aloha, Nick:
    I look forward to buying your origami book geared especially for origami teachers. I participate in a few origami teaching tables in my community and look forward to recommend your new book to cultivate new teachers!

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