I’ve just had a royalty statement through for my “Origami Bible”, which makes depressing reading. For the last quarter, total sales 1, amount due 36p. Less unearned balance, net total -3401.47. I guess after nearly 9 years, I should be pleased it’s still available, but it’s a case of what might have been.

At the same time, I was working on the “Encyclopaedia of Ori”, a book of similar size and aimed at the same market. That one went on to be translated into 7 languages (despite the cover featuring models that were not in the book), but it was a flat-fee arrangement. The royalty based Bible has, essentially, stiffed. Largely due, I feel, to a terrible cover and even worse title. I fought long and hard and unsuccessfully to change both, but they assured me that they “knew the market” better than I did.

Am I bitter? Heck yes 😉

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