All come to look for America!

It can be announced (shock horror), that I’m to be the guest of Origami USA this year. More details here. I was first invited several years ago, but had to cancel due to an extended period of illness with some kind of inner-ear infection. Finally, I feel sufficiently back to normal to accept their kind invitation. My fellow guest is Isa Klein, about whom I know very little. A good excuse to google!

This will be my first (and probably last) trip to the States, so I’m pretty nervous about the culture shock and visiting such a large convention, so please bear with me if I look a little bewildered! I’ll probably be around New York for a few days before and after, feel free to get in touch if you want to hook up. I have so many origami friends in the States, I hope to meet as many as possible.

I’ve had tentative approval for visiting without a formal VISA, but still worry they may turn me away at customs for crimes against fashion over the years. Brilly has referred me to the long list of “do’s and don’ts for teachers” and I fear I shall be in contravention of several – we have our own way of doing things in England and I’m far too old to change 😉