Angel Origami review

Here’s a (great!) review by Hee Sen Lim from the amazon website.

5.0 out of 5 stars
I own many of Nick’s origami books and when I heard that he is coming out with a new book dealing with angels, I thought “it’s about time”. I love origami books that deals specifically with one and only one theme as this allows me to explore many approaches and variations of the same theme. Who does not wish to have their own guardian angel looking out for us?

As always Nick’s books does not contain complex models. The 15 models within are simple and still can be enjoyed by an experienced folder but could easily be managed by a first timer, following and folding in sequence, gaining experience and slowly being able to manage to fold models with increasing difficulty.

I personally found the angels amusing. You can fold your own angels to guard and look after your own daily needs – good luck, communication, music, love, money and friendship. lol, there’s even one for your bad hair days!

I have a number of favourites in this book, “Table Place Card Angel” which allows you to decorate your table, plates, before a feast; “Angel of Communication” , simple to fold but effective; “Love Heart Angel”, a winged heart which you can also use on Valentine day; “Angel on the Wall”, a lovely praying angel and “Guardian Angel” looking lovingly at you. Try various sizes, some are better when small, some are real spectacular when folded big and use as a decoration. You can even put one on top of your own Christmas tree.

As I write this, Christmas is coming and the theme of angels is timely and this book would make an ideal Christmas gift for your loved ones to fold their own guardian angels to love and to protect them. You can also fold these angels with love, good will and wishes before sending them with your gifts or cards.

I strongly recommend this book.

By HS Lim on October 23, 2013