Animales De Papel Papiroflexia : Vicente Palacios

Editorial Salvatella ISBN 978-84-8412-446-7 56pp hardback 10”x9”

It’s always frustrating when you discover an excellent book that has somehow fallen under the radar – this one came out in 2007 but I’d never heard of it until Edwin Corrie graciously sent me a copy. What we’re in fact looking at is basically a book of Edwin’s work; 15 models, alongside a single model by Ivern, Caboblanco, Arroyo and Derudas and a trad design. Whilst the other designers are talents in their own right, I’d have been tempted to make it exclusively Corrie – he surely deserves it. Most of Edwin’s models in the book, if not all, have been previously published, and the artwork is a line-for-line trace of the originals, but that should prevent you from tracking down this book, since it’s a real delight to see his work in glorious colour and in hardback format.

A new book of original designs is always to be enjoyed and Edwin’s work is recognized the world over as top class material. The other designers work fits into the general theme and overall, it’s a fine collection, attractively presented. Vicente Palacios has worked tirelessly for many decades to present quality origami to the world and he’s succeeded once more! It seems to be available only in Spain at the moment, for just under €16. Don’t get confused with a similar title by a different author!