article in the OUSA magazine — 2 Comments

  1. I’m offended. not all young designers are sheep following Robert Lang and ODS. Look at the stuff on my flickr; it’s mostly low intermediate models making use of colour changes ( all of the stuff on there is my designs, of course) and not one of them utilises the ‘technical’ design methods designed by Lang, unlike Lang I strive for elegance of design and folding sequence, and unlike Lang I’m 12 years old.

  2. Have you read the article carefully? I’m not saying *all* younger folders follow the trends I outlined, but many seem to.

    I’m also not suggesting Lang is responsible for the downfall of western civilisation, he’s a hugely gifted and creative folder. I also think you’re being somewhat unfair suggesting he doesn’t strive for elegance, it’s just a different kind of elegance, IMHO. However, I have to agree, even his most ardent supporters wouldn’t claim he’s 12 years old.

    I’ll certainly check out your work and delighted to hear you’re bucking the trend! Bottom line is, it doesn’t matter a hoot what I think or say, it’s what *you* think that counts.

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