Awesome Origami Jets That Fly volume 1 : Tem Boun

Trafford Publishing 122 pages US letter size, softback ISBN 142513421-1

The second book on the subject of “realistic” flying planes by Tem, it follows the pattern of the first book – complex (but not overly so) designs that actually look like modern jet planes. Over half are imaginary, the rest well-known models such as the F16, Mig, Sukhoi etc. The designs are made entirely from half a sheet of US letter paper (8.5 * 11 inches), giving proportions of about 1 : 2.5. In the introductions (which covers history, flight theory, flying tips etc) the author says each of the designs has been tested to fly between 30 and 70 feet indoors. Not living in a mansion, the models I made easily made it from one side of the room to the other.

The use of a strip of paper allows relatively complex looks to be achieved with relatively modest folding abilities –  a big bonus for younger or less experienced folders. You can both buy the book and fold a sample design on the publisher’s website ( but I’m sorry to say, as with the previous volume, that the resolution of the printed diagrams is poor. What looks perfectly good on a website at 72dpi becomes pixelated and unattractive when printed at high-res. This doesn’t present any problem in following the diagrams, but these days I can see no reason why diagramming software can’t output at high resolution. I can only think that this will reduce sales, which is such a shame since the models themselves are excellent. I urge Tem to look into this before volume 2 (I may even be able to help) and do himself justice in print. It might make the price of £14.73 ($28) excluding postage slightly more palatable.

To buy or not to buy? If you like folding paper planes and have a supply of US paper handy, go for it. If presentation is important to you, then probably not. Thanks to the author for a complimentary copy to present to the BOS library!