dog with additions suggested by Jospeh WuI recently posted a photo of my latest creation (a dog) on Facebook. Joseph Wu suggested it might be improved by the addition of “googly eyes”, so that’s what I’ve done (OK, via photoshop).

Clearly (?) a joke, it nevertheless opens up the old debate about the merits of decorating origami. Most dedicated folders don’t like it, but I’m becoming increasingly attracted to it, certainly since I’ve started working with children. However, sticking on “googly eyes” is a step too far, although next week, I may be advocating it. What do you think?

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  1. I recently came across Tom Angelberger’s “The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda“. Perusing his blog led me to find a few other models that he’d made, mostly aimed at children, and many with decoration.

    As you mentioned once before, allowing children the freedom of personalising their models is a good thing. With simple models, there isn’t much room for interpretation or finishing touches if you’re restricted to the paper.
    Creating facial details is obviously much easier with a crayon and it allows for much more freedom.

    For my own folding, I tend to steer away from anything that needs decorating. If the basic form is there and the final model is recognisable (even if it’s only in an abstract way), then decorating it would be acceptable.

    When it comes to dealing with children, I think the fewer restrictions that are placed on what they can do with art and self-expression (within reason), the better.

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