Blintzed bird base modular — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Nick,
    This model reminds me of Denver Lawson’s modular 3B (Blintz Birdbase Ball) which uses the unaltered base as the module itself. Diagrammed in BOS mag 250, which by coincidence is the online sample issue:
    The slightly blurred photo doesn’t do it justice, It lets in a lot of light and has almost circular holes running through it, It looks good backlit in one colour.

  2. Hi Nick, at the beginning of this year, I created a “new” origami unit. I called it “Ora blu”. This evening I gave a look here…. and…. uff…. sob…. grrrr… etc….
    It had already been discovered by Denver Lawson and published in BM n.250!! Big disappointment!
    Patience! It happens often in our arts discover what has been discovered by others!
    But these diagrams do not emphasize the beauty of modular, Matthew Hayward has right!
    A big hug

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