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Biggest Ever Book of Origami, The

Yacht by Wayne Brown
page 8 (from Square)

Pencil Holder by Sy Chen
page 10 (from Square)

Duck by Edwin Corrie
page 11 (from Square)

Mirror Fish by Rudolf Deeg
page 12 (from Square)

Elephant by Nick Robinson
page 14 (from Square)

Rabbit by Stephen O'Hanlon
page 15 (from Square)

Raven Mask by Robert Neale
page 16 (from Square)

Pteranodon by Mark Leonard
page 18 (from Square)

Frog by Tony O'Hare
page 20 (from Square)

Box by Nick Robinson
page 21 (from Square)

Inflatable Hen by Leyla Torres
page 22 (from Square)

Rose by Francesco Guarnieri
page 24 (from Square)