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Origami Kit for Dummies

Ducks by Nick Robinson
page 43 (from Square)

Nick's Fish Base Mask by Nick Robinson
page 53 (from Square)

Sailboat by Unknown
page 72 (from Square)

Flower by Unknown
page 73 (from Square)

T-Rex Head by Nick Robinson
page 74 (from Square)

Bookmark by Nick Robinson
page 75 (from Square)

3D Star by Rachel Katz
page 77 (from Square)

Coin Trick by Traditional
page 79 (from 2x1)

Japanese Schoolgirl by Nick Robinson
page 81 (from Square)

Three Crease Head by Paul Jackson
page 83 (from Square)

Dunce's Cap by Nick Robinson
page 84 (from Square)

Miniphant by Mike Dilkes
page 87 (from Square)

Elephant's Head by Nick Robinson
page 89 (from Square)

Shell by Steven Casey
page 92 (from Square)

Thoki's Butterfly by Thoki Yenn
page 96 (from Square)

Boaz's Butterfly by Boaz Shuval
page 97 (from Square)

Triplane by Nick Robinson
page 99 (from Square)

Chick by Kunihiko Kasahara
page 102 (from Square)

Fishy Sequence by Nick Robinson
page 105 (from Square)

Fish by Steven Casey
page 107 (from 2x1)

Biscuit Packet Closure by Edwin Corrie
page 109 (from Shaped)

A Fishy Tale by Michel Grand
page 110 (from Square)

Fox's Head by Brown, Wayne and Robinson, Nick
page 112 (from Square)

Envelope by Brown, Wayne and Lauinger, Doris
page 114 (from Square)

Ali's Dish 2 by Nick Robinson
page 116 (from Square)

Pureland Figure by Marc Kirschenbaum
page 119 (from Square)

Sailboat Envelope by Michael LaFosse
page 121 (from Square)

Dracula by Robin Glynn
page 123 (from Square)

Lazy Winston by Nick Robinson
page 125 (from Square)

Hen by Tony O'Hare
page 128 (from Square)

Chair by John Montroll
page 131 (from Square)

Jaws Fin by Nick Robinson
page 135 (from Square)

Boat by Martin Wall
page 137 (from Square)

Container by Nick Robinson
page 140 (from Square)

Face Envelope by Michel Grand
page 142 (from Square)

Mystery Object by Nick Robinson
page 145 (from Square)

Bluebell by Traditional
page 147 (from Square)

Shining Heart by Nick Robinson
page 151 (from Square)

Tulip Bowl by Peter Borcherds
page 153 (from Square)

Little Nicky by Nick Robinson
page 155 (from Square)

Makotokoma by Makoto Yamaguchi
page 157 (from Square)

Flood Bowl by Nick Robinson
page 161 (from Square)

Flapping Bird by Traditional
page 164 (from Square)

Droodle by Nick Robinson
page 166 (from Square)

Vase by Gay Merrill Gross
page 168 (from Square)

Hearts by Eric Kenneway
page 172 (from Square)

Lazy Susan by Traditional
page 175 (from Square)

Four Thirsty Birds by David Lister
page 177 (from Square)

Lovebirds by Robert Neale
page 179 (from 2x1)

Dragonfly by Anita Barbour
page 181 (from Square)

Snail by Robert Lang
page 183 (from Square)

For Dummies Man by Nick Robinson
page 187 (from Square)

Modular Star by Nick Robinson
page 191 (from Square)

Hexahedron by Nick Robinson
page 194 (from Square)

Emblem by Edwin Corrie
page 196 (from Square)

60-Degree Star by David Petty
page 198 (from Square)

Gomez Bowl by Nick Robinson
page 201 (from Square)

Pentagonal Star by David Brill
page 204 (from Square)

Fluted Module by Rocky Jardes
page 207 (from Square)

House by Wayne Brown
page 210 (from A format)

Chinese Frog by Traditional
page 216 (from Square)

Chinese Frog Variation by Roman Diaz
page 218 (from Square)

Dragon by Eric Joisel
page 221 (from Square)

Twist Flower by Yoshihide Momotani
page 224 (from Square)

Twist Decoration by Jeff Beynon
page 226 (from Square)

Four Compartment Box by Philip Shen
page 230 (from Square)

Perro Liberando by Luis Fernandez Perez
page 234 (from Square)

Santa by Ted Norminton
page 238 (from Square)

Aladdin by Max Hulme
page 242 (from Square)

Beetle by Grzegorz Bubniak
page 246 (from Square)

Mouse by Go Guspath
page 249 (from Square)

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