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Paper Airplanes : Step by Step

The 'Quickie' by Charles Peck
page 19 (from Other Rect)

Classic Dart by Traditional
page 23 (from A format)

Classic Glider by Traditional
page 24 (from A format)

Gliding Toy by Traditional
page 26 (from Square)

Hawk Dart by Unknown
page 27 (from Other Rect)

Canard Glider by Nick Robinson
page 31 (from Square)

Reeve's Floater by Mark Kennedy
page 34 (from A format)

JS Dart by John Smith
page 36 (from Square)

Stunt Plane by Max Hulme
page 38 (from Square)

Bomber by Unknown
page 40 (from A format)

Snub-Nosed Delta by Unknown
page 43 (from Other Rect)

Backwards Plane by Carlos Gonzalez Garcia
page 45 (from Square)

Fold Your Own by Nick Robinson
page 47 (from Other Rect)

Level-Track Delta by Stephen Weiss
page 49 (from USLetter)

Tri-Plane by Nick Robinson
page 52 (from Square)

Sky Yacht by Kunihiko Kasahara
page 54 (from Square)

Fly Dart by Nick Robinson
page 56 (from Square)

Parrot by Corrie, Edwin and Robinson, Nick
page 59 (from Square)

Jet Fighter by Kunihiko Kasahara
page 62 (from Square)

Avion by Didier Boursin
page 64 (from Square)

Sweptback Wing Airplane by James Sakoda
page 66 (from Other Rect)

Little Nick by Nick Robinson
page 68 (from Square)

Boxoid by Michael Weinstein
page 71 (from A format)

Glider by Francis Ow
page 74 (from Square)

Delta Glider by Larry Hart
page 76 (from Square)

Kendal Flier by David Mitchell
page 79 (from A format)

The Daisy by Nick Robinson
page 82 (from A format)

Chasseur by Alain Georgeot
page 85 (from A format)

Harrier by Michael Weinstein
page 88 (from A format)

When I See An Elephant Fly by Nick Robinson
page 93 (from Square)

Helice by Didier Boursin
page 96 (from 2x1)

One-Way Tray by John Smith
page 98 (from Square)

Heptad Ring by Jeff Beynon
page 100 (from Square)

Boomeramg by Max Hulme
page 102 (from 2x1)

Flying Saucer by Nick Robinson
page 105 (from Square)

Rocket by Unknown
page 107 (from Square)

Helicopter by Nick Robinson
page 111 (from Square)

Flying Santa by Paul Jackson
page 113 (from Square)

Sky-Flying Butterfly by Yoshihide Momotani
page 116 (from Square)

Moth by Nick Robinson
page 118 (from A format)

Flapping Bird by Traditional
page 121 (from Square)