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Picture Perfect Origami

Wingding by Florence Temko
page 34 (from Square)

Penguin by Traditional
page 37 (from Square)

Sailboat by Traditional
page 40 (from Square)

Fortune Teller by Traditional
page 42 (from Square)

Basketball Hoop by Traditional
page 46 (from A format)

Banger by Traditional
page 50 (from A format)

Finger Puppet by Rene Lucio
page 53 (from Square)

Jaws 1 by Nick Robinson
page 56 (from Square)

Crown by Traditional
page 60 (from Square)

Star Box by Traditional
page 64 (from Square)

Tulip by Traditional
page 68 (from Square)

Waterbomb by Traditional
page 72 (from Square)

Butterfly by Traditional
page 76 (from Square)

Sanbow by Traditional
page 80 (from Square)

Ninja Star by Traditional
page 84 (from Square)

Gift Box by Robin Glynn
page 92 (from Square)

Jaws 2 by Nick Robinson
page 94 (from Square)

Modular Cube by Francis Ow
page 96 (from Square)

Narrow Box by Dennis Walker
page 98 (from A format)

Face Lift by Nick Robinson
page 100 (from Square)

T Rex by Nick Robinson
page 102 (from Square)

Mouse Behind Cheese by Nick Robinson
page 104 (from Square)

Wentworth bowl by Nick Robinson
page 106 (from Square)

Pipe by Ted Megrath
page 108 (from Square)

Locked Box by Nick Robinson
page 110 (from Square)

Boat with keel by Martin Wall
page 112 (from Square)

Wild Goat by Robert Lang
page 114 (from Square)

Sentinal bird by Jeff Beynon
page 116 (from Square)

Skunk by Nick Robinson
page 118 (from Square)

Around the Houses by Guy, Mick and Robinson, Nick
page 120 (from Square)

Welsh Corgi by Guspath Go
page 123 (from Square)