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Worlds Best Origami

Pecking bird by Traditional
page 30 (from Square)

Swan by Traditional
page 31 (from Square)

Peacock by Traditional
page 33 (from Square)

Hungry chick by Francisco Javier Caboblanco
page 35 (from Square)

Perched owl by Robert Neale
page 36 (from 2x1)

Songbird by Kunihiko Kasahara
page 38 (from Square)

Great Horned Owl by Giovanni Maltagliati
page 40 (from Square)

Mother and baby penguin by Nick Robinson
page 43 (from Square)

Fat bird by Gareth Louis
page 46 (from Square)

Bowing Bird by Jeff Beynon
page 48 (from Square)

Fancy swan by Eric Joisel
page 52 (from Square)

Cricket by Traditional
page 58 (from Square)

Pig by Nick Robinson
page 59 (from Square)

Cat's head by Evi Binzinger
page 61 (from Square)

Frog's head by Edwin Corrie
page 63 (from Square)

Whale's tail by Mick Guy
page 65 (from Square)

Fantail goldfish by Traditional
page 67 (from Square)

Horse by Traditional
page 69 (from Square)

Mad march hare by Nick Robinson
page 71 (from Square)

Dolphin by Nick Robinson
page 73 (from Square)

Frog on a window by Kunihiko Kasahara
page 76 (from Square)

Howling at the moon by Chris Alexander
page 79 (from Square)

Elephant by Anne LaVin
page 83 (from Square)

Puma's Head by Roman Diaz
page 86 (from Square)

Squarosaurus by Nick Robinson
page 90 (from Square)

Koala by Edwin Corrie
page 94 (from Square)

Waterlily by Traditional
page 98 (from Square)

Tulip and stem by Suzanna Kricskovics
page 99 (from 2x1)

Long-stemmed rose by Nick Robinson
page 101 (from Square)

Boutonniere blossom by Traditional
page 102 (from Square)

Sunflower by Nick Robinson
page 104 (from Square)

Snowdrop by Nick Robinson
page 106 (from Square)

Camellia by Traditional
page 108 (from Square)

Orchid by Jonathan Shapcott
page 110 (from Square)

Bluebell by Adolfo Cerceda
page 111 (from Square)

Desert flower by Nick Robinson
page 114 (from Polygon)

Girl's head 1 by Eric Kenneway
page 120 (from Square)

Girl's head 2 by Eric Kenneway
page 121 (from Square)

Simple Santa by Nick Robinson
page 123 (from Square)

Napoleon by Nick Robinson
page 125 (from Square)

Grumpy alien by Nick Robinson
page 127 (from Square)

Vampyra by Paul Hanson
page 129 (from Square)

Crying baby by Gilad Aharoni
page 132 (from Square)

Robot's head by Mike Thomas
page 135 (from Square)

Human face by Nick Robinson
page 138 (from Square)

Mr Muppet by Gilad Aharoni
page 142 (from Square)

Angel by Neal Elias
page 146 (from Square)

Simple tray by Traditional
page 152 (from Square)

Square bowl by Traditional
page 154 (from Square)

Spanish box by Traditional
page 156 (from Square)

Poppy dish by Nick Robinson
page 158 (from Square)

Triangular box by Assia Vely
page 161 (from 2x1)

Desk tidy by Assia Vely
page 164 (from Other Rect)

Fox dish by Nick Robinson
page 165 (from Square)

Star box by Francesco Guarnieri
page 168 (from Square)

Curly box by Traditional
page 171 (from Square)

Lidded box by Nick Robinson
page 173 (from Square)

Classic bowl by Florence Temko
page 176 (from Square)

Bristol box by Dan Mason
page 179 (from Square)

Tessellating cross by Traditional
page 182 (from Square)

Squared square by Robert Neale
page 183 (from Square)

Proving Pythagoras module by Mick Guy
page 185 (from Square)

Flexagon by Arthur Stone
page 189 (from Other Rect)

Tower by Nick Robinson
page 191 (from Square)

8-point star by Wayne Brown
page 193 (from Square)

Tri-puzzle module by David Petty
page 195 (from Square)

Pinwheel tato by Traditional
page 199 (from Square)

Cross puzzle by David Petty
page 201 (from Square)

Cube by Shuzo Fujimoto
page 204 (from Square)

Double cube by Nick Robinson
page 207 (from Square)

Tri-coaster by Nick Robinson
page 210 (from Square)

DNA strand by Thoki Yenn
page 213 (from A format)

Umulius rectangulum by Thoki Yenn
page 216 (from Other Rect)

Hexahedron by Molly Kahn
page 222 (from Square)

Squared square cube by Robert Neale
page 223 (from Square)

Modular twist by Nick Robinson
page 224 (from Square)

Pyramid by Francisco Javier Caboblanco
page 226 (from Square)

Windmill cube by Kunihiko Kasahara
page 228 (from Square)

Tri-module unit by Nick Robinson
page 230 (from Square)

Snowflake module by David Petty
page 233 (from Square)

snow cube by Nick Robinson
page 235 (from Square)

Goldfinch star by Nick Robinson
page 237 (from Square)

Octahedron by Robert Neale
page 240 (from Square)

Wallet by Traditional
page 242 (from Square)

Cup by Traditional
page 243 (from Square)

Booklet by Traditional
page 245 (from Square)

Envelope from Bonn by Doris Lauinger
page 246 (from USLetter)

Party hat by Neale, Robert and Robinson, Nick
page 247 (from Square)

French fries bag by Traditional
page 249 (from Square)

Set square by Nick Robinson
page 250 (from Square)

Pocket fan by Sjaak Adriaanse
page 252 (from A format)

Classic cap by Traditional
page 254 (from A format)

Sailboat envelope by Evi Binzinger
page 256 (from Square)

Elforia envelope by Sjaak Adriaanse
page 258 (from A format)

Holiday card by Doris Lauinger
page 260 (from 2x1)

Ring by Traditional
page 262 (from 2x1)

Gliding hoop by Traditional
page 266 (from Square)

Crown by Nick Robinson
page 267 (from Square)

Sheffield sailboat by Nick Robinson
page 269 (from Square)

Word dominoes by Mick Guy
page 271 (from Square)

Freising Plane by Nick Robinson
page 272 (from Square)

Cart by Traditional
page 274 (from Square)

Standing heart by Nick Robinson
page 276 (from Square)

Popsicle by Gilad Aharoni
page 278 (from Square)

Bug-eye glider by Nick Robinson
page 280 (from Square)

3D heart by Haui Boglarka
page 283 (from Square)

Candle by Nick Robinson
page 285 (from Square)

Reverse pinwheel by Florence Temko
page 288 (from Square)

Kettle by Adolfo Cerceda
page 291 (from Square)

Tent by Francesco Guarnieri
page 295 (from Square)

Trees on a hillside by Eric Kenneway
page 298 (from Square)

Apple by Shuzo Fujimoto
page 302 (from Square)