My Fundamentals

Published by the British Origami Society (BOS92)

Kunihiko Kasahara is one of the creative giants of origami. Over the past 40 years he has written over 150 books on the subject. I have been a massive fan for decades and was delighted when he asked me to create this booklet of his work. He insisted we used the number 92 (some 30 out of sequence) since, he told me, in Japanese 92 sounds like Ku Ni 😉

I selected a lovely textured white card for the cover and was genuinely shocked & disappointed when sales were poor. In the end, copies were actually given away.

1 2 3 and 4 Creases / Symmetric Creases / Creases put to Work / Owl / Getting out of Symmetry / Masks / Objects / Expansion of A / Objects again / Rock in the River / Cliff / Kingfisher and Strong Current / Cormorant / Kingfisher / Hills / Cubes / Basic Cubes I to XI / Cube in the Cubic Box / Final Analysis / Fossilised Cube / Bisected Cube / 5-section / Circles / Making Polygons and a Circle / Swallow / Pentadecagon