Picture Perfect Origami / Origami Basics

A collection of designs produced for Quarto books and their various imprints. They have included not only diagrams but many photos of the folding sequences, to make life even easier. My personal taste says there are perhaps too many images, but a raw beginner may well disagree with me! You certainly couldn’t ask for much more visual help with a design! As ever, I’ve featured unpublished designs by creators whom I admire – I urge you to check out their websites for more material. Overall, the book is attractive and the various covers for overseas editions are uniformly stylish.

My hands have long since been vetoed by publishers as being “too rough and industrial”, so who better to provide the modeling than my good friend Sharon Turvey, herself a gifted creator and folder. If there are any problems, anywhere in the book, feel free to blame her 😉

Please note that apart from the covers, the volumes shown here have identical contents. I’d quibble about “origami basics” as a title, but authors have little or no say in the titling of their own books. You will, of course, want to buy all of them to keep your collection up to date. I still haven’t got a copy of the French edition, if someone could help me out? You can buy books cheaply on the web, but don’t forget to support your local bookshop whenever possible, paying a small amount extra to buy from them will help keep them alive.

I’m delighted to present to a waiting world, for the first time, my classic-in-waiting “Mouse Behind Cheese”. You’ll wonder how you’ve managed without this in your repertoire. Tavin has made a nice review on youtube.