Last year, I contributed some origami for an online auction of Origami Art to help support the “Origami Caravan” project. This was started by YAMAGUCHI Makoto, to benefit the children affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The 2012 auction schedule, artist and item listing is now online.

The main project page is and the 2012 Pieces page here:

The auction will run from 5 May through to 24 May; each auction will last 3 days. eBay will be the system, payments through PayPal, and OrigamiUSA has kindly offered to act as the conduit for the charitable contributions to the project.

Please take a look, there’s something there to tempt everyone – and even if you don’t want to own a piece of origami art (or one very rare book!), please talk it up with your friends, forward this information .. spread the word, it’s for a great cause.

Here’s the list of pieces, artists and auction-start dates:

Prayer (DINH) – auction begins: 5 May 2012
Swan (HOANG) – auction begins: 6 May 2012Ganesh on His Throne (ENGEL) – auction begins: 7 May 2012
Tortoise (NGUYEN, H.C) – auction begins: 8 May 2012
Rabbit Bride & Groom (SEO, “redpaper” & LEE “whitepaper”) –  auction begins: 9 May 2012
Outcropping II (origami bonsai) (COLEMAN) – auction begins: 10 May 2012
Pre-Columbian Styled Frog (TORRES) – auction begins: 11 May 2012
Hermit Crab (TRAN) – auction begins: 12 May 2012
Sakura Bonsai (SRBLJINOVIC-CUCEK) – auction begins: 13 May 2012
Deer (NISHIKAWA) – auction begins: 14 May 2012
Mother and Child (NGUYEN, T.T.) – auction begins: 15 May 2012
Millefiori (KAWAMURA) – auction begins: 16 May 2012
Diamond Tess Vase (GARIBI) – auction begins: 17 May 2012
Jucumaris “Spectacled” Bear (DAO) – auction begins: 18 May 2012
“Viva! Origami” (donated by “RC” Cowlishaw) – auction begins: 19 May 2012
Crab 1.7 (KU) – auction begins: 20 May 2012
Owl (KATSUTA) – auction begins: 21 May 2012
Horse (BRILL) – auction begins: 22 May 2012

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