Visit my shop?

In an effort to get my house back(!), i’m having a clear out of duplicates and some books i’ll never use again, plus some of the weird and wonderful origami “things” I’ve picked up over the years. It’s also the sole site for Hans Werner Guth’s superb wooden folding tools. Feel free to pick up […]

Help with book title?

My first proper self-published project is taking shape (at last!) – how to teaching the basics of paper-folding plus an accompanying “Folding For Fun” booklet with 30 designs. I hope to be launching it on Kickstarter in a while. I’m considering “Origami – a Teacher’s Guide” or “A teacher’s guide to Origami” – any thoughts […]

photo shoot

Finally completed the photographs for my next NuiNui book – looking good! Fujimoto Cube Shuzo Fujimoto Aberdeen Terrier Eric Joisel Container Francis Ow Simple Star David Petty Nun / Dog / Rabbit Edwin Corrie Tumbleweed Rob Foord Lonely Flower Dasa Severova Rose & Stem Ted Norminton Cuckoo Akira Yoshizawa Tooth Marc Kirshenbaum Box & Lid […]

The Last Paper Crane

I was delighted to be asked to provided instructions for the traditional crane to be included in “The Last Paper Crane” – a novel by Kerry Drewery, now available in the shops. The book as been described as “Narrated in a compelling mix of straight straight narrative, free verse and haiku poems, this is a […]

Cat review

Belatedly spotted this review of the US edition

My shop

As an experiment, I’ve launched a fledgeling shop on my site (yes, there are young birds), to be expanded as time permits. You can buy (very cheaply) 2 ebooks that I wrote many years ago, still full of (i think) interesting models. There are also some copies of my actual books. It’s a great way […]

NuiNui compilations

Some work from my books have been compiled into small books, 56 pages of diagrams with 200 sheets of nicely patterned paper. Available in a variety of languages!

Fuse – Spiral Origami Boxes

If you loved Tomoko Fue’s “Spirals” book, here is the new follow up! It is sure to be an amazing book, everything Paulo Mulatinho creates is extraordinary 😉

Review: Origami – Volume 1 – Les bases: Le Manuel De Référence by Guillaume Denis

Hardcover: 245 pages Publisher: Eyrolles; French language ISBN-10: 2212674171 : 29.6 x 2.2 x 21.5 cm Denis is a long-standing member of the MFPP and has produced many diagrams and cover artwork for their magazine. He co-organised several “Rencontres de Mai” He worked for three years as a technical adviser, diagrammer and researcher for Atlas […]

All publicity is good?

I checked out the company pages for my Flexagons book recently and was midly confused to see that I apparently wrote a book about Osama Bin Laden! I’m not convinced this will do a great deal to boost sales…