Duck and cover

I taught my “duck & ducklings” at the recent BOS virtual convention. Whilst I wasn’t on top form, many people managed to fold it! Diagrams in my recent “Origami Birds” book.

Viva El Presidente!

Following the recent British Origami Society AGM, I’ve been elected as their first web officer (boo!) and also their President for the next three years (yay!)

Live streaming – “My Heart Reaches Out To You”

This Thursday (May 28 2020) I’ll be making a live streaming video for the BOS – please watch live or later on 😉 I will be teaching this model of mine, “My Heart Reaches Out To You”, taken from a collection by the late Dave Petty.

Corona Mask

Joan Sallas has designed a mask using napkins and is folding them for local hospital workers. The Spanish government has requisitioned all the masks from hospitals in Catalonia and sent them to Madrid (one of the many shocking ways the Catalan people are being oppressed).  

The Berlin Wall

30 years since the wall came down – here’s a tribute I made at the time. In case you can’t read the words… Visiting the Berlin Wall in 1997 was a deeply moving experience. I thought for some time about whether an origami representation of the Wall would simply be a shallow gesture, but decided […]

Folding in Berlin

A delightful drawing made to capture the events of the “party night” at the 30th anniversary of Origami Deutschland, where I was one of the guests of honour. That’s me, near the top left 😉

Off to Weimar (again)

I’m off to Germany soon to teach at the Fröbel Flastrasse conference in Weimar. Ich freue mich darauf! Conference details here.  

IKEA gig

Had a happy session today entertaining visitors to the new Sheffield IKEA branch. It is a humongously large place with vast numbers of people wandering around. I have vowed to return with my debit card soon  😉