golden oldies

Scanning some negatives from the last century 😉


Just finished photos and videos for my forthcoming “Origami Dogs” book. Here’s Jacky Chan’s wonderful “Bulldog”

Videos / photos

Here’s a shot of area for filming videos and taking photos – compact, but it does the job. When a car drives past I talk more 😉

Bear climbing a tree

I had a request to take a photo of an old (80s) design, “a bear climbing a tree”, inspired by the classic droodle. On the original, the paws were made from a square folded into quarters, but it’s much more efficient to use 2 half-squares 😉

Japanese themed-designs

Working on a project for packs of paper with instructions for a few Japanese-themed designs. Here are my test photos. The kettle is by Adolfo Cerceda, the fan is traditional, the other two models are my designs.

Photos wanted please…

I’m working on my first self-published book, tentatively titled “Starting Origami”. I’d like to include some colour photos of origami in action. So if you have any photos of one or more younger people folding paper and you own the copyright for the image, please get in touch privately. They should be high resolution and […]

Angelic video

The Portuguese publishers of Angel Origami have posted a promotional video on youtub. Enjoy!

Gallery of my published designs

The more you start to look at what information you have stored in a database, the more ways to present it that occur to you! I have started a complete listing of my books, when I realised I could extract my own designs and then produce a list of those for which I have an […]

Photos wanted!

In a typical OCD moment, I’ve decided to try and present photos of every model in every book I’ve written! It gives me a chance to enhance my SQL skills and will, in theory, be a good resource (which I’ll share with the origami database!) Apologies for the lack of photo credits, but it was […]