Review: Pure and Simple Origami by Marc Kirschenbaum

Fit To Print Publishing, Inc. 128 pages 7.99 x 10 inches  ISBN-10 : 1951146158 I have been a fan of Marc’s work for many years, impressed by his ability to create at both ends of the complexity spectrum. This book is a collection of his designs created within the strictures of John Smith’s “Pureland” approach – […]

Review: Origami – Volume 1 – Les bases: Le Manuel De Référence by Guillaume Denis

Hardcover: 245 pages Publisher: Eyrolles; French language ISBN-10: 2212674171 : 29.6 x 2.2 x 21.5 cm Denis is a long-standing member of the MFPP and has produced many diagrams and cover artwork for their magazine. He co-organised several “Rencontres de Mai” He worked for three years as a technical adviser, diagrammer and researcher for Atlas […]

Review: Air and Space Origami Kit – John Szinger

Boxed kit with 64-page book Tuttle Publishing ISBN: 9780804849241 This is an 8.5” square box, containing a 6×8” booklet with instructions for 14 projects, 48 double-sided sheets of 15cm origami paper and over 185 stickers with which to decorate your models. The title describes the theme very aptly, you get a variety of rockets & […]

Review: The Paper Puzzle Book by Garibi / Goodman / Elran

The Paper Puzzle Book : All You Need is Paper!  by Ilan Garibi,‎ David Goodman,‎ Yossi Elran Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company Paperback: 264 pages /  5.9 x 8.3 inches ISBN-10: 9813202416 Books of paper puzzles date back to the 19th century, when titles such as “101 Things To Do On A Winter’s Evening” were […]

Review: A Thousand Paper Birds by Tor Udall

Published by Bloomsbury Circus On the surface, this book (Udall’s debut) is about a man called Jonah, trying to come to terms with his grief following the sudden death of his wife. He meets several characters though his time in Kew Gardens, one of whom addresses her own problems through the medium of origami. Whilst […]

Origami 2D by Daniela Carboni

Published 2016 by Centro Diffusione Origami 100 Pages, Paperback, in Italian For many years, the author has been one of my favourite Italian creators, but I suspect she is less well-known outside Italy than she deserves. I place “character” high on my assessment of models and Daniela’s are full of character. Sadly, my Italian is […]

Paper Life by Laura Rozenberg

Published on Createspace  ISBN: 1533312958  106 pages 8.5” x 8.5” Origami books tend to fall into a few specific categories; the most common being collections of diagrams. Some cover the techniques required for folding and a few focus on the artistic qualities of work by master folders. Here, at long last is a new category, […]

Akira Yoshizawa, Japan’s Greatest Origami Master

Tuttle Publishing ISBN: 9784805313930 Hardcover 192 pages Nui Nui are an Italian based publishers with whom I have authored several books, including one devoted to BOS creators.. Their quality control and graphic style is second to none, so I was delighted to see this title of theirs published in English by Tuttle (who are also […]

Zen Origami: 20 Modular Forms for Meditation and Calm by Maria Sinayskaya

128 pages Race Point Publishing ISBN-10: 1631061976 16.8 x 23.8 cm The author is a Russian living in South Africa and for several years I’ve been following her excellent work on and (with over 11,000 followers). Some of this success can be attributed to her eye for presentation. Unlike many modular folders, who […]

Six Simple Twists by Benjamin DiLeonardo-Parker

CRC Press Softback 118 pages 8”x10” ISBN 978-1-4822-4461-8 The author’s name is new to me, he is a “working origami pattern artist” based in Connecticut who specialises in origami tessellations. I remain to be convinced that the use of the word tessellations in this context isn’t a misnomer, but that’s just a personal bugbear! I’ve […]