Here’s a model I designed for a recent geometric book project. It didn’t make the cut, but I thought it worth sharing. Originally made from A4, the narrowing at step 5 is partially used to replicate that geometry, so it’s not quite as pure as the original concept, but I’m happy to accept that and it folds smoothly.

The shape itself is a bisected tetrahedron, so if you make two, you can use it as a puzzle, although not a hugely difficult one!


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  1. This is very nice! I think I’ll use it for some gifts during the next few days. 🙂

    Two comments on the diagrams:
    (1) You have a misplaced tick mark in step 2.
    (2) I think some circle landmark indicators (like you use in steps 10 & 11) would be useful in step 6.

    Thanks for this!

    — Tom

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