Comment j’étais crazzy…

I had a twin delight today, two copies of the MFPP’s tribute to Eric Joisel edition arrived from La Belle France. One is  edition 118-120 of “Le Pli” (their magazine). The other has identical contents, but has a different cover and is on general sale to the public.

I think the MFPP were right to take their time producing this and it’s been worth the wait. Inside are 52 pages of tribute, including photos, interviews and diagrams. It probably helps if you speak a little French, but it’s well worth having even if you don’t.

For those who won’t be able to afford the book produced by the Tanteidan, this is an excellent summary of his life and works. You should also invest in the booklet Eric and I produced together for the BOS.

You get diagrams for; Coq, Rat, Bebe Dragon, Aberdeen, Poisson, Nain, Chat, 3D Manchot, Petit Demon, plus the wonderful EJ mask created by Nguyen Hung Cuong. When you look into it, there are surprisingly few conventional diagrams available considering the enormous talent Eric had. In many ways, I think the simple models were created to keep the folding public happy, since Eric knew most of us would be totally unable to make his more complex designs!

You can buy the booklet from the excellent shop on the site of Nic Terry, for 15 euros plus postage. As you look round his site, you many find there are a few other books you need to add to your collection!