Commercial Origami FAQ

Here are some things to consider when considering my services. It’s a bit of a list, but feel it’s far better to clear things before we start working together. If you have any other queries, please get in touch.


  • Almost anything can be made from paper, given development time. 3D and/or curved models require more time.
  • I can produce results that look solid and appear to be folded, even if the actual method is less “pure”.
  • I live in Sheffield, but can easily travel by train, plane or car! I have a passport and can communicate in French and German.
  • It’s sensible to discuss ideas with me before finalising them with the clients, to ensure what you ask for is practical!
  • Try to work to sensible deadlines – creating origami can require plenty of “thinking” time.
  • I charge by the day, unless the work requires less than 3 hours.
  • In order to determine if a project is practical, some paid development time may be required.


  • If I’m expected for an early start (or late finish) away from home, I may request modest B&B costs for the night before/after.
  • Reference images are essential in order to reduce development time, otherwise I have to guess what you want.
  • Models smaller than 15cms may require extra time to ensure a perfect finish. It’s safer to make them larger, then photo-reduce.
  • Consider the merits of using photoshop to achieve small details that my be costly to actually fold.
  • Images of work in progress will be sent to you for comment, so that you know what you’re getting.
  • In light of the above, fees agreed are not downwardly negotiable for work sent after being “signed off”.
  • What you consider a minor alteration may require more time than you think.


  • If you’ve seen a specific design on the web, I can advise on the legality of using it and who owns it – most origami has copyright.
  • You will own all rights relating to the finished artwork, I retain ownership of any original design.
  • I work promptly and professionally and expect you to do the same when you receive my invoice!


  • For any kinds of work, I expect copies (hard or electronic) of any finished artwork to add to my “gallery” with any required links.
  • All expenses (paper, postage, travel, accommodation etc) will be added to the fee. I can provide receipts.
  • I can supply templates to allow images/text to appear somewhere on the model.
  • If I bring work to a photoshoot, it’s unrealistic to expect anything other than minor changes at that stage.
  • I can supply camera ready artwork or a video showing how to fold a given model.
  • I have a team who help with bulk-folding – we charge by the hour. Complex models will undoubtedly cost far more than you expect.
  • Bank notes (or larger replicas) can be folded, but you need permission first!


  • I pack the work carefully to ensure it withstands the rigours of the postal service.
  • Posting work is best done by special delivery or courier, if you have a preferred one. This obviously incurs extra cost.
  • If work is lost or damaged in the post when not using the methods above, I won’t be responsible for the loss and will claim for the work.