Commercial Work

Origami has proved perfect for a wide variety of events and situations. Recent clients have included Google, the Guardian newspaper, N-Power at the Earls Court Ideal Homes Exhibition, creating a trophy for the British Book Design and Production Awards and designing models for Kelloggs “Art Attack” promotion. There’s also a wonderful set of videos created for Antalis, to go alongside an origami calendar (which took first place in two categories at the National Business Calendar Awards). Another successful and fun project was for Puffin Books, helping to promote a book called “The Airman” by Eion Colfer.

I have fulfilled many commercial commissions, ranging from small hand-made subjects, to large public display models and artwork for advertising campaigns. As a paper-folder with over 25 years experience, I have extensive knowledge of existing designs and techniques, which often allows me to meet designers specifications without the additional expense of creating a design from scratch.

However, I’m happy to create to meet specific briefs, providing either “authentic” origami solutions, or using paper/card which has been engineered to create the illusion of origami but with the flexibility required to meet exacting design targets. I can also supply camera-ready artwork for origami diagrams which you may wish to use as promotional items or within magazines. I can supply images or artwork in a variety of industry-standard formats – as a graphic designer, I’m familiar with software such as flash and photoshop, so can work easily with layout artists and designers, talking their language. Please read my FAQ for more practical details.

I’ve worked with professional design studios and understand the need to produce visually stunning, yet flexible solutions within an agreed budget and to a fairly tight deadline. I’m able to travel to sets to provide fine-tuning and tailoring to clients exact requirements. I usually recommend an exchange of digital images to examine alternative solutions, before a meeting or shoot.

Many and various projects come my way. Some I turn down as impractical, usually due to an unrealistically short deadline. If I’m to commit to producing artwork, I need to ensure it’s of the highest quality and that the parameters have been talked through and agreed by all parties. To do otherwise simply causes stress and headaches all round. As a member of Origami Artists & Creators, I always insist upon gaining the proper permissions from creators of origami whose work I may wish to use and making sure they are appropriately credited. Too many people still think origami designs are public domain and have learned to their cost that an origami design has the same copyright as any other work of art. My 30 years of work within the origami world allow me to quickly make contact and negotiate use of a specific design. Alternately, I can usually design an equivalent unique design for use.

You can read more detail about the work I do on my blog.

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Assorted images from commissions

Various “money” folds

Skeletal Dodecahedron
A small selection from a series producing a stop-frame animation

Aberdeen Asset Management Annual Report
Folded from a variety of international newspaper patterns


Chemnitz “Dancing Couple”
This was a job begun by the American origami master, Robert Lang. For a variety of reasons, some of the life-sized figures he had folded were damaged. He asked me to fly out to Chemnitz in Germany and remake two dancing figures. These ended up in the office windows of the “Freie Presse”. My good friend Paulo Mulatinho helped me (you try folding a 5m sheet of paper into 32 equal sections on your own!) and it was a great chance to improve my spoken German…


 M2 Printing Services
The client had a variety of images that they wanted me to create. The “ants” were the hardest, to achieve, as I worked to achieve the required balance between complexity and simplicity.

Newspapers and Magazines

Paper Planes for Norske Skog

I’ve worked for Norske Skog on a few projects. The latest was to produce three “jet planes” which had to measure no more than 8cms in length. As you can imagine, the smaller the model is, the harder it is to achieve clean lines. The planes were placed in a specially constructed wooden case, with a lid saying “open me” on it 😉

Provident Personal Insurance

Radley Yeldar website promotion
RY are an independent, London-based brand, marketing and communications agency who wanted some origami figures for the website.

Chatsworth Estate
I was commissioned to make a series of flying swans for an exhibition at the Chatsworth Estate in Derbyshire. They were suspended from a very high roof at great risk to life and limb!