Kunihiko Kasahara

Origami AnywhereWizardRectangle
Zen Origami Coloring KitDove Of PeaceSquare
Nature OrigamiRabbitSquare
My Fundamentals1, 2, 3 and 4 Creases8
Origami In MotionHopping Grasshopper10Square
My FundamentalsSymmetric Creases10
Adult OrigamiMons12Square
My FundamentalsCreases put to Work12
My FundamentalsOwl13
My FundamentalsGetting out of Symmetry14
Origami Adventures - AnimalsMonkey16Square
My FundamentalsMasks16
My FundamentalsObjects18
Birds In OrigamiDuck20Square
My FundamentalsExpansion of A20
My FundamentalsObjects again22
My FundamentalsRock in the River24
My FundamentalsCliff25
My First Origami Book: Things That GoJapanese Glider26Square
My FundamentalsKingfisher and Strong Current26
My FundamentalsCormorant28
My FundamentalsKingfisher30
My FundamentalsHills31
My FundamentalsCubes32
Origami Adventures - AnimalsBear36Square
Origami In FlightRocket36Square
Worlds Best OrigamiSongbird38Square
My FundamentalsBasic Cubes I to XI38
A Beginners Guide to OrigamiModular Ring44Square
Super Quick Origami AnimalsMonkey47Square
Pub OrigamiThirsty Bird50Square
My FundamentalsCube in the Cubic Box50
My FundamentalsFinal Analysis53
Paper Airplanes : Step by StepSky Yacht54Square
My FundamentalsFossilised Cube54
Buddhist OrigamiThe Foolish Monkey54Square
Paper Planes (That Really Fly)Sky Yacht54Square
A Beginners Guide to OrigamiChickens56Square
My FundamentalsBisected Cube56
My Fundamentals5-section58
Papierflieger die wirklich fliegenKuni-Vogel60Square
My FundamentalsCircles60
Paper Airplanes : Step by StepJet Fighter62Square
Making Paper PlanesThe Swift62Square
Paper Planes (That Really Fly)Jet Fighter62Square
My FundamentalsMaking Polygons and a Circle62
My FundamentalsSwallow63
My FundamentalsPentadecagon65
Space OrigamiRocket66Square
Worlds Best OrigamiFrog on a window76Square
Extraordinary OrigamiFox78Square
Buddhist OrigamiBuddha in his altar88Square
Origami Kit for DummiesChick102Square
Birds In OrigamiSparrow104Square
Worlds Best OrigamiWindmill cube228Square