Beginning Origami Kit


NuiNui orignally published this book under the title of “Origami Intrigant” (Intriguing Origami) in French and Italian. US company Tuttle bought the rights and republished in a different format, reshooting several of the photos and including a DVD instead of linking to external videos. It is promoted thus:

“Create fun and adorable origami projects in a few minutes with the origami papers and simple instructions in this easy origami kit!”

It was given the erroneous and somewhat misleading title of “Beginning Origami Kit”, which it most definately isn’t. The models were aimed at experienced folders and it pains me to think that newcomers will struggle with it. My protests fell upon deaf ears.

Models: Leaf / Cat Brooch / Paper Holder / Heart Card / Arrow Tesselation / Arlington Box / German House / Flexi-Fish Form / Pecking Bird / Lauinger Angel / Baby Rabbit / Snails In Love / Woodpecker / Styracosaurus / Freiburg Dish / Frog / Star Form / Elephant / Buddha Head / Time For Lunch