Biggest Ever Book Of Paper Planes

2009 – 3 languages

This is another project with the Ivy Press, who produce consistently attractive books and are a delight to deal with. This is a collection of paper planes, along with full-colour templates. It’s the “biggest” in format – nearly A2!, if not in model count (12). Also available in Polish & Deutsch.

You’ll probably need to buy a larger bookshelf, for which I apologise. Practically speaking, all the designs work perfectly with A4 or A5 – using the larger sheets supplied with the book will require some “trimming” and a slightly higher launch velocity in order to escape the pull of the earth’s gravity;)

SBN-10: 1905695845

The complementary edition was “The Biggest Ever Book Of Origami“, curiously enough, smaller in format than this book. Someone’s telling a porky!

Laser by Traditional
page 8 (from A format)

Lightning by Nick Robinson
page 10 (from A format)

Orca by Nick Robinson
page 11 (from A format)

Raptor by Nick Robinson
page 12 (from A format)

Hornet by Nick Robinson
page 14 (from A format)

Viper by Nick Robinson
page 15 (from A format)

Manta by Nick Robinson
page 16 (from A format)

Swallow by Traditional
page 18 (from A format)

Skua by Nick Robinson
page 19 (from A format)

Impala by Nick Robinson
page 20 (from A format)

Hunter by Nick Robinson
page 22 (from A format)

Temko by Florence Temko
page 24 (from A format)

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