Business Card Origami


Somewhat surprisingly, this is the first book I’ve worked on based around the ubiquitous business card. I was aware of the popular models, but didn’t realise that with the US business card format (2” x 3.5”), by folding corner to opposite corner, you produce a crease at 60 degrees to the edge. This allows us to create many equilateral triangles for producing geometric polyhedra.

With help and advice from Malachi Brown, I developed a wide range of designs, some of which pleased the publishers, others less so. The book fits into the “office humour” category and the titles and puns were created by the man in America who commissioned this book, Joe Rhatigan. It’s amazing what’s been done to the English language by our colonian cousins.

Many folders have created business card models, but applying generic origami techniques isn’t difficult, so it’s tricky to say who created a given model first, but I’ve given credit to the key poeple in this area, Valerie Vann, Jennifer Campbell and Jeannine Mosely.

King or Queen for a Day by Nick Robinson
page 14 (from Business Card)

Last Day Box by Nick Robinson
page 17 (from Business Card)

Things Are Pointing Up by Nick Robinson
page 21 (from Business Card)

Cubicle Of Doom by Paul Jackson
page 25 (from Business Card)

Forget Me Nots by Nick Robinson
page 29 (from Business Card)

Jet Setter by Nick Robinson
page 34 (from Business Card)

Heart Attack by Nick Robinson
page 38 (from Business Card)

Jabber Jaws by Traditional
page 42 (from Business Card)

Octahedron by Traditional
page 44 (from Business Card)

Sail Away by Traditional
page 47 (from Business Card)

Snakes on a Desk by Nick Robinson
page 50 (from Business Card)

Toy Froggy by Traditional
page 55 (from Business Card)

The Stuffed Shirt by Traditional
page 58 (from Business Card)

Desk Dog by Nick Robinson
page 62 (from Business Card)

Mini Hoop by Traditional
page 68 (from Business Card)

Frog Face by Nick Robinson
page 71 (from Business Card)

Bottle Cap by Nick Robinson
page 76 (from Business Card)

The Time Waster by Traditional
page 80 (from Business Card)

Business Card Death Star by Wayne Brown
page 85 (from Business Card)

Rising Star by Nick Robinson
page 90 (from Business Card)

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