Cats in Origami

2018 – 3 languages

This is another project with NuiNui Publishing, with whom I have written several books. I’m always impressed with their willingness to accomodate the author’s design elements and to give care and attention to the layout as well as the contents. Most books require me to fil a specific number of pages, but NuiNui work the other way round, they use as many pages as the book requires, so there is no need to compress images or diagrams to fit on a page. The paper enclosed in the box is bright, thin and crisp.

Cats have been part of my life since I was a child and they have been wonderful company for me and my family, so this was a heart-felt project.

The book has been published in English by Dover and is a companion volume to the book of “Dogs”

Available in English, French or Italian.

144 pages, A4, ISBN 9782889352104

Simple Cat by Traditional
page 18 (from Square)

Rear View Cat by Wayne Brown
page 22 (from Square)

Cheshire Cat by Nick Robinson
page 26 (from Square)

Kitty by Gay Merrill Gross
page 30 (from Square)

Cat Envelope by Michel Grand
page 36 (from Square)

3D Cat Head by Nick Robinson
page 42 (from Square)

Cat In A Box by Nick Robinson
page 48 (from Square)

Halloween Cat by David Petty
page 52 (from Square)

Sleepy Cat by Hiroaki Takai
page 56 (from Square)

Cat Box by Gay Merrill Gross
page 60 (from Square)

Neko Bookmark by Jo Nakashima
page 68 (from Square)

Cat Card by Nick Robinson
page 74 (from Square)

Cat That Got The Cream by Nick Robinson
page 80 (from Square)

Seated Cat by Gilad Aharoni
page 86 (from Square)

Walking Cat by Lee Armstrong
page 92 (from Square)

Le Chat De Nicolas by Nicolas Terry
page 100 (from Square)

Gigi by Robin Glynn
page 106 (from Square)

Adorable Cat by Stephane Gigandet
page 114 (from Square)

White Socks by Jun Maekawa
page 122 (from Square)

Nosy Cat by Oriol Esteve
page 130 (from Square)

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