Flying Saucers, Rockets & Spaceships


This was the second of two books written for Haldane Mason, this time on behalf of Caxton Editions. Since it was a very similar format, this was a tad easier to produce and allowed me to look for and create some unusual designs.

Once again, I also had to research the history and theory of rocketry, which I enjoyed a great deal, due to my childhood fascination with German World War two rockets and jet planes. To give the designs a “space age” feel, I renamed a couple of plane designs as “Male and female Martian Bats”!

Once again, three polystyrene space shuttle models were bunged in the box with a few pre-printed designs. I even had to provide a template for the shuttle models. You can admire these in the picture (left).

For some unfathomable reason, this edition was a slightly different size to the previous one. I’d suggested early on that after a few years, they could release the two as a companion box set, but clearly this fell on deaf ears. I’ve no idea if these were marketed abroad – if anyone has seen them in remainder shops in Bratislava, please let me know.

ISBN 1-84076-093-2

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