Geometric Origami

2016 – 3 languages

I’ve noticed over the years that book publishers are always eager to find what is trending and release a book to take advantage. Here’s a case in point, the third book about geometric origami I’ve written in 12 months. Always alert for “competition clauses”, the models in each are completely different. There’s also a wealth of geometric designs out there, so finding contents is not difficult, with the proviso that nothing too complex can be used.

So here it is, beautifully packaged and a delight in every respect. You can also read about an similar book I wrote for them called “Traditional Japanese Origami”.

Triangular Bipyramid by Molly Khan
page 12 (from Square)

Hexagonal Knot by Traditional
page 16 (from Strip)

8 Pointed Star by Ilan Garibi
page 20 (from Square)

Shipshape by Mick Guy
page 24 (from Square)

Tetrahedron by Nick Robinson
page 30 (from Square)

Bisected Tetrahedron by Nick Robinson
page 36 (from Square)

Sunken Octahedron by Francis Ow
page 42 (from Square)

Hollow Octahedron by Nick Robinson
page 46 (from Square)

Entwined Star by Francis Ow
page 50 (from Square)

Modular Cube by Francis Ow
page 58 (from Square)

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