Harry Potter Origami vol. 2


I was approached by amazing15 on behalf of Scholastic Press to write a second volume of this series. Considerable time was spent choosing the subjects (vol. 1 chose the most obvious) – we had to balance iconic subjects with ease of folding, so “Luna Lovegood’s Glasses” were quickly ruled out. Lee Armstrong came up with an excellent “badger” for Hufflepuff!

I had a great time creating the models, trying to capture the essence of the subject without over-complicating it by too much detail. It helped that the papers in the book come with appropriate graphics on them. The House-Elf needed several revisions, to properly capture the features and not make it too scary!

Models: Harry Potter Scar / The Knight Bus / Hogwarts house – Gryffindor / Hogwarts house – Hufflepuff / Hogwarts house – Ravenclaw / Hogwarts house – Slytherin / Horcrux Ring (traditional) / Mad-Eye Moody Eyeball / Scabbers the rat / Hogwarts Shield / Dragon hatching from egg / Flying Ford Anglia (Uchiyama) / Hagrid’s Huts / Dementor / House-Elf