Idiot’s Guides: Paper Airplanes


I told myself, “no more books of paper planes”, but then, weak-willed fool that I am, I took this project on. Published by Alpha Books, part of the Penguin & Dorling Kindersley empire. The paper format is 8.5 x 11 inches but most will work from A4 with a small amount of twerking. Sorry, tweaking! It comes in a shrink-wrapped box (curiously, with no lid) with 80 sheets of patterned paper.

Each of the 20 designs include the level of folding difficulty, flight pattern, and “durability” levels. I also supplied all the photos in the book (and on the cover).

It’s almost impossible these days to say a given airplane design is original, but I created and/or adapted most of the designs. I was happy to include work by my dear old friend Florence Temko and my new friend Rob Snyder.

Classic Dart by Traditional
page 28 (from Rectangle)

Nakamura Glider by Eiji Nakamura
page 32 (from Rectangle)

Canard by Traditional
page 36 (from Rectangle)

Flying Wing by Traditional
page 40 (from Rectangle)

Champion by Traditional
page 44 (from Rectangle)

Hawk by Nick Robinson
page 48 (from Rectangle)

Needlenose by Nick Robinson
page 52 (from Rectangle)

Javelin by Nick Robinson
page 56 (from Rectangle)

Delta by Nick Robinson
page 60 (from Rectangle)

Eagle by Nick Robinson
page 64 (from Rectangle)

Skylark by Nick Robinson
page 68 (from Rectangle)

Boomerang by Nick Robinson
page 72 (from Rectangle)

Swallow by Nick Robinson
page 76 (from Rectangle)

Hornet by Nick Robinson
page 80 (from Rectangle)

Nightwing by Nick Robinson
page 84 (from Rectangle)

Beaky by Nick Robinson
page 88 (from Rectangle)

Manta by Nick Robinson
page 92 (from Rectangle)

Diamond Flyer by Rob Snyder
page 96 (from Rectangle)

Fury by Nick Robinson
page 100 (from Rectangle)

Moth by Florence Temko
page 106 (from Rectangle)

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