Idiots’s Guide: Geometric Origami Kit


This project is published by Alpha Books, part of the Penguin & Dorling Kindersley empire. The book comes in a box and is spiral bound with an outer sleeve, probably the perfect combination for an origami book. The page format is 7.5 x 9 inches and comes with 80 sheets of (gently) patterned paper.

The layout is clean, clear and attractive and each design is credited on the appropriate page – something I always ask for, but don’t always get. There’s a wide range of designs and I went to town on the assembly sections, adding shading to enhance the 3D illusion. It’s taken me a while to master this, but I feel I’m about there now.

I also supplied all the photos in the book (and on the cover). Since has been reprinted as “my origami book” but they didn’t bother to send me a copy.

Models: Robert Foord – Diamonds / Mick Guy – Versatile / Hans-Werner Guth – Eifel Star, Jump Unit / Larry Hart – Snap Hexahedron / Mitsunobu Sonobe – Sonobe Units / Boaz Shuval – Dodecahedron / Various – Spinning Top / Nick Robinson / Vignesh Cumareshan – Woven Cube / Bow Tie Cube / Francesco Guarnieri – Diamond Star / Various – Truncated Cube / Nick Robinson – Sunken Octahedron, Gem Flower , Stellated Octahedron / Dave Brill – Segmented Unit / Nick Robinson – Trapezohedron / Francis Ow – Truncated Star / Denver Lawson – Bipyramid Dragon Fruit, Leaved Octahedral Skeleton, Bipyramid Blackberry