Make Your Own Fortune Cookies

2009 - illustration

Written in conjunction with Susanna Tee and Sara Harper, this is a fun kit related to fortune cookies – how to cook them, design and fold gift boxes for them and some Chinease-inspired folds to place alongside them. You also get a selection of folding paper, some “fortunes” to place inside your cookies, a set of white gloves (too small for me), a Chinese wheel of fortune to predict your future with and a natty CD where (amongst other things) you can select a gift box, select a pattern and get a pdf template for folding the box with that pattern. Coo-er!

As ever, Ivy Press have produced a neat, attractive package that looks like great value for money.

Metro Books ISBN 1435119940

Models: Cutlery Holder, Water Lily, Duck, Clamshell Fan, Blossom