One Dozen Folds


My first ever “proper” publication, dating from (I think!) 1984. I suspect it was published via the BOS supplies officer Mike Bridges, but sad to relate, I just can’t remember! Drawn “old school” using pen and paper, the introduction gleefully explains it was “word-processed using wordperfect” (under DOS, of course!) I selected designs created by friends of mine and am delighted to say most of them have stood the test of time.

Drawing the 3D steps for Brills”Double Cube” was a real labour of love, but the design was/is so wonderful, it was all worth it. At the end of the book, I gave out contact addresses for all the creators (imagine doing that today!) and wrote a paragraph about what appealed to me about each design. 12 models (!), 36 pages, but I was so proud of it at the time.

Below are diagrams for Francis Ow’s “Modular Fish”, which give you a clear idea of why I jumped on the computer diagramming band-wagon as soon as I could. They may have charm but they took so long to draw and of couse, were not editable! The text was on separate pages for ease of assembly but I daresay most folders won’t need it nowadays.

PDF available in my shop.


Models: Decoration by Ted Norminton / Hexahedron by Nick Robinson / Sports Car by Iris Walker / Medieval Lady by Thea Anning / Envelope by Paul Jackson / Candle by Jonathon Shapcott / Double Cube by David Brill / Fish Module by Francis Ow / Baby Bird by Nick Robinson / Ori-twist by Jeff Beynon / Ship Ahoy by Ted Darwin / Kermit by Mick Guy