Origami In Flight

2022 self-published

A collection of 19 models (simple to intermediate !) that have a flying theme, written and illustrated by Nick Robinson, author of 100+ books about origami.   It includes an introduction, a guide to common folding symbols and a “what next?” page. It comes in a shelf-friendly A5 format and is the fourth in a series of similar, exciting collections.

Available here

Models: Nakamura Glider – Eiji Nakamura / Box Glider – Larry Hart / Hang Glider, Orca, Ciggy Dart, Delta Dart, Little Nicky, Jet Plane, Hawkeye, Gull, Locked, Skylark, Impala, Sallas – Nick Robinson / Canard, Blunt Glider, The Ring Wing – traditional / Rocket – Kunihiko Kasahara / The Temko – Florence Temko