Origami In Transit

2023 self-published

A collection of envelope and letter-folds, aimed at beginners with a love of folded containers! Some are from squares, the others from A4 rectangles, but which can be adapted to (for example) US paper size. A printed version of the book will be available in the New Year.

Includes Folding Tips, Folding Symbols, a brief history of envelopes, What makes a good envelope? Folding thirds and What to do next.


Models: Grand Cat by Michel Grand, Sailboat by Michael G. LaFosse, Andersen by Simon Andersen, Infinity / House by Edwin Corrie, Lauinger / Mehlem by Doris Lauinger, Noble by Philip Noble, Oblique / Simple / Explode are by designers unknown. Lewis by Robinson / Wayne Brown. All others are by the author, although similar origami designs can be (and may already have been) created independently.

Simple by Traditional
page 8 (from Square)

Oblique by Traditional
page 9 (from A4)

Daisy by Nick Robinson
page 10 (from A4)

Andersen by Simon Andersen
page 11 (from A4)

Infinity by Edwin Corrie
page 12 (from Square)

Nick 60 by Nick Robinson
page 13 (from Square)

Seed by Nick Robinson
page 14 (from Square)

Berne by Nick Robinson
page 16 (from Square)

Nicky by Nick Robinson
page 18 (from Square)

Hurst by Nick Robinson
page 20 (from A4)

Grand Cat by Michel Grand
page 22 (from Square)

Noble by Philip Noble
page 25 (from A4)

Rhombus by Nick Robinson
page 26 (from A4)

Explode by Traditional
page 27 (from A4)

Fern by Luis Perez Fernandez
page 28 (from A4)

House by Edwin Corrie
page 29 (from A4)

Lewis by Wayne Brown Nick Robinson
page 32 (from Square)

Mehlem by Doris Lauinger
page 34 (from A4)

Sailboat by Michael LaFosse
page 36 (from Square)

Lauinger by Doris Lauinger
page 38 (from Square)

Triangular by Nick Robinson
page 40 (from Square)

Pleated by Nick Robinson
page 41 (from Square)

Nick 60 Variation by Nick Robinson
page 42 (from Square)

Images have been sourced from the web or the author. If you want an image removing (or have a better one!) please get in touch.