Origami Poems & Pictures


A book prepared with the British Museum. The concept is to combine three Japanese art forms under one cover. For each theme, the reader will be able to read the haiku, enjoy a painting from the British Museum collection, then make the origami figure. It’s aimed at children between 5 & 8, although at that they may well need a parent on hand for a few of the designs. Half of the book consists of pull out squares of patterned paper.

As requested by the publishers (Nosy Crow) I used a “lineless” drawing style, which is attractive and encouraged me to develop some new techniques, which is always fun. It’s a quality book and breaks new grounds in making use of origami within art books.

All models are traditional unless indicated below. Curiously, here is no list of contents, nor are the pages numbered. Also published in Italian. The book has been reprinted under the title “Origami and Haiku” with the same content.

ISBN-10: 0857639382