Paper Planes and Spaceships

2003 – 2 languages

This is a collection of designs from the two books I wrote for Haldane Mason, How to Make and Fly Paper Airplanes & Flying Saucers, Rockets & Spaceships, published in 2003.

That said, it’s been attractively redesigned and printed in a larger A4 format, with half a dozen pull out sheets of brightly patterned paper with which to fold some of the designs. In addition, the company had the decency to send me some free copies without being asked.

The book is published by Red Kite Books (an imprint of Haldane Mason) under the “Do It! Activity Books logo.

During December, this superb volume featured high in the best-selling book charts for the UK. See below if you don’t believe it. It’s great, it’s really great and no way is this fake news!