Saucy Origami


Another classic in the genre I thought I would never revisit. However, money being the root of all mortgages, I felt I shouldn’t (deprave) deprive the world of this mini-classic. Art should encompass all aspects of the world around us. There’s nothing in here that would offend most people, but I probably wouldn’t give it as a Christmas present to 5 year olds.

Coming in a very neat, if diminutive presentation box, you get an 8cm square 32 page book, a selection of paper (handily labelled “origami paper”) and, of course, the box to keep them in. The warning “contents may settle during transit” is absent, but there’s certainly room for a few jelly babies in there.

All in all, a neat and attractive little presentation. What do you get in the book? Well, four saucy designs; a pair of panties, “nobby” (work it out), a vibrator and a couple of frisky hounds.

The US version, allegedly (I haven’t seen a copy – has anyone bought it?) isn’t “saucy” at all, hence the somewhat misleading image on amazon, which seems to imply there is a traditional water-lily inside. There isn’t!

ISBN 1-84510-592-3