Traditional Japanese Origami


A 2018 repackaging of a book from 2006 (The Origami Giftbox). The title is slightly odd, only 7 of the models are traditional. Had anyone contacted me beforehand, I could have pointed this out, but book titles are generally decided by the sales team, who come up with a title regardless of the contents, such as my “Beginning Origami Kit”, which is really not suitable for beginners.

The package consists of a soft-back book, where some effort has been made to make the diagrams as large as possible (not always the case) and 120 pull-out sheets of plain and patterned paper, of a decnt quality.

Chartwell Books ISBN-10: 0785836136

Models: fly / fishring / chipboat / first flight / fish / 3D illusion / hurst envelope / heart / pterosaur / caterpillar (Robinson) / scotty dog (Bob Neale) / pixie boots / lucky star / gondola / iris / cup / glider / star (trad) / stilletto heels (Roman Díaz) / water tank (Philip Shen) / tetrahedron (Tung Ken Lam)