Which Came First?


Published by the British Origami Society (BOS68)

Robert Neale is a name unfamiliar to many younger folders, but revered by those who have really studied the subject. From the 60s onwards, he created a number of significant creations. As a magician/entertainer, he loves to combine folding with magic and/or story-telling. As a fan, I’d been in correspondence with him for some years when we had the idea to publish this collection of his designs.

Models: Stretchit / Minimal Mystery Mask / Lovebird Greetings / Want-it Wallet / A Mountain Top Experience / Wide Mouthed Frog / Dreamed up Genii / Pecking Crow with shadow / Folding the Pecking Crow / Fishing with Escher / Executive Slinky / Perform Randlett’s New Flapping Bird / Secular Prayer Wheel / Which Comes First? / Cross Cut / Square Puzzling / Windup Whirly / Action Paper Arrow