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  1. Hi Nick,
    Thanks very much for sharing these memories of DP. The origami world has lost one of its stalwarts. He has gone to a better place.

  2. I’ve got to know Petty for more than 25 years. The very first time when I corrosponded with him in the good old letter writing days, from the way he pens his letters, he gave me an impression of a clean shaven English gentleman. I was totally wrong…as far as his looks were concerned but he’s indeed a real gentleman.

    We both were at our peak of our Origami and Petty became my friendly rival. When I started gathering materials for publishing heart models, Petty never fails to take up the challenge. Both he and his wife Lilian went on a brainstorm to gather ideas for making heart related models. Many of my creations were the result of their brain-storming. I remembered he suggested a metronome with a heart for a “Heart Beat” model but I guess the best model that he came up with is the “Beating Heart”…so simple yet so meaningful and never fails to draw laughter. He literally beat me to this model.

    Well, my good old pal…your heart has stopped but the legend of your “Beating Heart” will continue to beat forever in Origami. Rest well my pal. My heartfelt condolences to you Lilian. Take care.

    Francis Ow

  3. Beautiful memories Nick. Thank you for sharing them. Makes me wish I had known David Petty personally, but I have visited his website many times and through all that work realize how generous he was. Thank you also for hosting his website. I will fold the 60 degree star today in his memory.

  4. Thanks for letting us know more about Him. His website looks even better now. Just folded his 60 degree star unit and the sequence is not only satisfying but the result looks nice on both sides and it’s only 6 units instead of 8 or more! I’m new to origami and his diagrams have been extremely helpful. I’ve folded many from Nicks website as well, Thank you Nick for keeping his legacy Alive!

  5. Great obituary Nick. Thank you very much for telling those 27 years of friendship. While there I met him in person sometimes refer to their website and I folded many models as he released “Lazy Susan”. I will fold the 60 degree star today in his memory.My condolences to his family and friends. A big hug for you

  6. What a lovely tribute! I was really shocked when I received a letter from David’s widow this morning telling me that he had died. My memories of David go back a very long way – we were at university together from 1964-1967 and I visited him a few times when he first moved to Hazel Grove – but I can readily recognise some of the characteristics you describe. Clearly he was very talented and well respected in the world of origami and he obviously impressed everyone he met. This doesn’t surprise me at all. The world will be a much poorer place without him. Brian Pears (Gateshead).

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