One the aspects of origami design I really enjoy is to be given a 2D target, then try to produce it from paper, neatly folded, edges locked away etc. It’s a puzzle and generally one with many possible solutions.

Whilst compiling the forthcoming BOS spring Model Collection, chairman Guy suggested we included the logo of the venue (the Campanile) and perhaps an origami version of it.

He showed me a picture of a Kenneway design which was never diagrammed due to an unsatisfactory folding method. Using it as inspiration, I produced something close (but not identical)  to use on the cover. Of course, it had to have a decent sequence! Here’s the result – why not see if you can produce it yourselves? The width of the tower is 1/4 of the square.

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  1. Nice work! The only difference I can see is that mine has a vertical folded edge on the smaller “house” and none on the larger. Did you enjoy the challenge?

  2. Nick, I want to suggest that you make these puzzles/ CPs a regular feature on your blog. It helps us to think beyond the diagrams and is not as intimidating as solving a complex CP.

    1. It’s a thought, maybe if by accepting one of my challenges you are opting in to hand over 17% of all future earnings from the model, it might just work for me.

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