Doris Lauinger RIP — 3 Comments

  1. Your words about Doris expresses most of the feelings and experience I have had with Doris. As Doris left us, I realized that our relation was a friendship relation. Her modest way to handle art, paper and friends did hide her strong mind most of the time. Always she was prepared to share! Sometimes she exploded to share ideas with us. Often I had to slow her speed down to keep in sync … Her way to handle friends will be a model to me!

  2. How do you do?
    I am sorry for a sudden comment.
    I am one of Mr. Doris's friends.
    meeting her in Japan, when I am a student — already — 20 years and a few — you associate .
    Did she pass away?
    If it is my misapprehension, call truly.
    If a cage loves and searches み, the site here will hit her and she will apply to a translation site …
    A tear does not stop at surprise.
    Has she stopped Mr. Doris having?
    The talk that health was not so good was heard.
    by no means — only suspecting — it is .
    If you please, please let me know.

    Kayo Fujimaru

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